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Aequo Audio ENSIS w teście 6moons!
Æquo. Can't wrap yourself around the spelling (pronounced ekwo)? Perhaps lead your horse to water. Combine aqua with equus. Add audio. Voilà, a new Dutch speaker house. They had their coming-out party in a ground-floor cubicle of the Munich 2016 HighEnd show. I'd briefly profiled them in an April 2016 feature, then thrown my chit into their review pot. Concept plus execution equaled perfect sense to me on pure sight. I like compact high-performance speakers which look good. A month later, senior contributors Marja & Henk visited Æquo in Munich.

This led to first impressions in their cherry-picked event coverage. Now we had three floating chits in our water trough, one potential horse's head in a bloody bed. I ran our joint interest past the folks in Eindhoven. They suggested a delayed two-prong approach. I'd follow up my original intro with a formal review covering background, personnel and tech. Then our Dutchies would furnish a second opinion on just sound a few months down the road. Former contributor Wojciech Pacuła was leader of our parade with his review on where Æquo's very first distributor who'd been signed up in Munich had available a very early pair in Warsaw. As they did for their importer and first reviewer, Æquo's concept manager Ivo Sparidaens and PR man Paul Rassin would accompany my loaners to render on-site personal introductions in Ireland. They were primed to answer any questions I might have. Time to be curious.

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