Hegel HD12 DSD w teście ( USA )
Nowadays, to get noticed in the entertainment industry, you have to do something flashy or downright bizarre. At least, that’s how it looks from the outside. Take, for instance, the antics of pop-music stars, whose behavior seems to find new lows each week. The argument goes that any press is good press, so these people seem to fabricate ways to get a Yahoo! story written about them -- often ways that most of us would find humiliating and degrading. The interesting thing is that these people seem to revel in the attention, making no distinction between whether their actions are considered positive, negative, or just plain stupid.

In the world of high-end audio, Hegel Music Systems seems to be the antithesis of that. They aren’t flashy. In the many conversations I’ve had with them at audio shows, Bent Holter and Anders Ertzeid, the two Norwegian guys who respectively design the components and market the brand, have been down-to-earth and pleasant to talk to -- and their product designs and marketing campaigns are always thoughtful.

All of Hegel’s components -- DACs, preamplifiers, headphone amplifiers, CD players, power amplifiers -- are understated in appearance. The casework is solid and functional, not attention grabbing. The folks at Hegel would probably say that the magic of their design expertise is inside, and the proof of its existence is the quality of what comes out of your speakers. If our reviewers’ responses are any indication, that’s an accurate assumption: Our own Hans Wetzel has used Hegel’s H300 as his reference integrated amplifier-DAC for several years now, even though much flashier gear has found its way into and, eventually, out of his listening room.

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