Xavian NEOX2 świetne podłogówki w teście
This is our second review of Xavian speaker here at Mono & Stereo. Our senior editor Kenneth already reviewed the Xavian XN VIRTUOSA loudspeakers here: link and loved them. This time Roberto Barleta of Xavian arranged for the pair of Xavian NEOX2 speakers. NEOX2 are from the new range and represent a great value at normal foot print. The founder of the company, Roberto Barletta, began to "play" with the home made construction of speakers when he was 14 years old. Since 1988 he has been working on development of loudspeaker systems and analogue amplifiers.

Xavian uses a quarter century of experience already transforming in tradition you may recognize listening and looking at them.
Xavian is a Czech independent, family owned company. Xavian must not fullfill financial expectation of founds, banks and other corporations. Development, production and quality controls are made "in-house" in their unique factory in Prague-Hostivice.

Used parts and components are of world class quality, exclusively coming from Czech republic, Denmark and Italy. Production does not use any parts coming from far East.

Finish and care for detail of our cabinets are very well known worldwide thanks to their unique artisanal level. The offer of the most different kind of real wood veneers is uncommonly wide and varied. Xavian is proud to be one of the few brands on the planet using custom-made Danish Scan-Speak drivers. They for sure need no introduction.

Interestingly Xavian is almost 20 years a part of Czech economy: taxes are paied only in Czech republic and they do their job with passion and love, the best way as they know.

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